Cat Goes Fishing

  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
  • Version: 1.0.61
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Official information

Release Date 20 Jan, 2015
Developer Cat5Games
Publisher Steam
Genre Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
Language English
System Windows PC Under development: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
Version 1.0.61


Cat Goes Fishing Review: Feed your inner cat

Cat Goes Fishing is an indie simulation game, where you are turned into a cat who is sitting on the shore and fishing. Your main goal is to catch and sell as many fish as possible. It was developed by Cat5Games for Android system at the beginning. However, the game quickly became popular, and the company decided to make a PC version. Now you can download Cat Goes Fishing only on PC with lots of updates and improvements.

What is Cat Goes Fishing about?

Do you like fishing? Do you like cats? Do you like cats in funny hats? If you can say Yes to at least one of these questions, this is the game for you. Some websites label the genre of the game as sports in their Cat Goes Fishing reviews. Well, fishing is a sport. However, there is much more than that. By downloading the game, you receive interesting and detailed gameplay. You start at the shore, as a cat without even a hat, who has few primitive baits in his arsenal. There is a limited variety of fish at first, but they are easy to catch. Once you feel that you’ve learned how to catch all the fish in the world, spend the money from the fish you sold onto advanced rods, rockets, and bombs. After some time you will be able to go fishing on your own boat. You will see more species and will be able to earn more money.

The variety of fish extends with each new level you pass. There is always progress in the gameplay. Don’t be upset with catching small fish, just use it as a bait to catch the big one. After several first levels, you will be able to catch nice hats from the water. There are hats available in the shop, and you can exchange your catch to buy them. Be careful! Don’t allow bigger fish to eat or bite your catch. You will not sell it once it is spoiled. And you will need to sell more if you want new baits, hats or boats.

There are two modes in the game, Classic and Realistic. Cat Goes Fishing Realistic mode will help you to take a closer look at the fishes. You will need to build a strategy to catch the fish. In any case, the game is really addictive. You may even forget about the time passing while you are playing. While Cat Goes Fishing Android version was pricey, the PC version costs $6.99 on the official web store Steam.

Let’s talk about Cat Goes Fishing graphics

Cat Goes Fishing PC version is considered to have more attractive graphics than Android. It looks like developers have fixed all the minor gaps they missed on mobile. The graphics are not really detailed. But it has its charm and unique style. For example, the color of water changes by layers. At first, you see a blue one, then gray and black. These colors do not mix with each other. However, this way you may notice how deep is your bait. The deeper you throw your rod, the darker is the layer of paint. On the surface, it is always sunny, the trees are green, and the sky above the cat is blue.

The cat looks cute no matter where he is. To make him look even cuter, you can buy numerous hats for him. Imagine how nice he will look in a spy dark hat or a traditional fisherman’s red hat. Try them on in the shop.

The moves of the cat are smooth and leisurely. This is not the time to rush. Even if you can’t wait to catch big fish, you still need to wait for this fish to slowly swim to your bait. You can speed up with faster sinking baits, which are available in the store. The game will get more intense once you’re able to leave the pier on a boat. There are various kinds of fish, so you will be able to take a good look and learn something new about them.

Cat Goes Fishing Graphic

Do you need a strategy?

At first, you will not even notice that there is a strategy in catching a fish. It is only natural that you have to choose the bait the fish will enjoy and will be able to swallow. So, it does not have to be bigger than the fish itself. You know that you will not get anything with an empty hook. But this knowledge is so obvious to us that we don’t even notice the strategy behind it.

When the game gets harder, we pay attention to the fact that we can sacrifice small fish in order to get a bigger catch. We began to pay attention to behavioral patterns of the fish and finally notice every small detail to realize that there is nothing random. There is right ammunition for everything. You are offered three different sizes of the bait, and you must choose which one is better for this particular case.

With each new level, you receive access to a wider variety of fishes, including exotic species. Be careful! Some of these fishes are as hard to get to the shore as to catch. From time to time, you will need to use your dynamite stocks to clear your way.

There are special quests offered in the game. You can test your fisherman skills by completing them. All of these quests may help you in the game, bringing you more cash or mastering your skills. If you don’t feel ready to take part in these quests, don’t rush. You can always join in later. Just don’t ignore such offers from the game for too long.

Cat Goes Fishing gameplay

Features of Cat Goes Fishing PC version

Created as a mobile game, Cat Goes Fishing quickly received positive reviews from gamers. Meanwhile, when developers have announced that they are switching platforms, the audience began to worry. There were lots of doubts about whether the new version of the game will be as good as it was on mobile. The market for PC games is overcrowded with millions of great games. Why should Cat Goes Fishing stay noticed? But it stayed.

PC public paid attention to the game and became fascinated by its simplicity, graphics, and small size. Undemanding game with balanced gameplay and graphics even on the highest levels lured millions of users, consuming all their free time. Moreover, gamers decided that the Android version is secondary to Cat Goes Fishing on PC. Developers removed Android platform and concentrated on the PC edition.

The game does not require much. All you need to have is Windows system, from XP to the latest versions, 1GB RAM. It takes 15 MB of space on your storage. Now the audience believes that Cat Goes Fishing is to be released on consoles in the nearest future. Time will tell.


Q. Is Cat Goes Fishing a free game?

A. No, the game costs $ 6.99

Q. Is Cat Goes Fishing available for iOS or Android devices?

A. No, the game is available for PC only, but originally it was made for Android.

Q. Where can I buy the game?

A. Cat Goes Fishing is available on Steam.

Q. When Cat Goes Fishing will be available for PS4?

A. Who knows? For now, there no official announces from developers have been made. They are concentrated on updating Cat Goes Fishing for PC.

Q. Can I get a free version of Cat Goes Fishing from other sources? Is it safe?

A. While you may find Cat Goes Fishing on torrents, we highly recommend you not to download it from there. Torrents are not safe, and the files you get from them contain bugs, viruses and other problems.

Q. Can I find the Cat Goes Fishing online version?

A. No, you can’t. You still have to download some content on your PC, so you don’t need it. Once you paid for the game, you can download it and play offline anytime you want.

Q. Is the game easy to install?

A. Yes, Cat Goes Fishing is really simple to download and install. It takes just a few minutes.

Q. Can I pre-order Cat Goes Fishing?

A. For now, there are no new updates for the game. Subscribe to the game’s page on Steam and keep track of the news.


Cat Goes Fishing is a fascinating paid game worth every penny. It is easy to play, it involves numerous quests, and you can see your progress there. You may learn a lot about different fishes. Besides, you may spend hours watching adorable kitty fisherman in his hats. Turn on the Realism mode and learn the behavior of fish. Cat Goes Fishing downloading process takes a few minutes, and there you are: sitting on the pier and waiting for the fish to catch your bait


Cat Goes Fishing Is The Game To Improve Your Strategy Making Skills And Rise Up Your Spirits

Cat Goes Fishing modes choice is made to make the first stages of the game easier, but we highly recommend to sink into Realism as soon as possible, as the game evolves and learning behavior fish patterns become almost as fascinating as scrutinizing the creatures themselves. Whether you’re a fan of fishing or just love games with cute cats, you will never get enough. Download Cat Goes Fishing to learn how sweet and simple the excellent strategy game may be.


  • The gameplay is addictive
  • Graphics are fun and cute
  • Navigation is simple and user-friendly
  • The numerous quests will earn you a fortune


  • Cat Goes Fishing is available only on PC
  • You can’t change audio
  • There is no DLC content
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