About us

Hi there! Let us introduce ourselves: Tony, Rebecca, and Dalton are the most devoted fans of the coolest indie game ever. Do you do your PC fishing often? If you can say yes to that question, you probably already know what we’re talking about. For everybody else: the name of the game is Cat Goes Fishing, and you will soon get hooked by it too!
Everything is cute about Cat Goes Fishing, but when you get to higher levels, it gets even more fascinating as you try not to spend all the money on useful and funny gear. You also need to catch the most expensive fishes that also happen to be the most cunning and difficult to find. Cuteness, excitement, and strategy are what makes this simple indie game so attractive to members of our team. 

Meet Us

Tony, web-developer, indie games fan, 29 y.o.

Indie games are my favorite. All of them are made by a few people often pretty limited in resources but never limited in imagination. They are way more authentic and rare compared to big mainstream titles. What I love about Cat Goes Fishing is how much strategy it requires from the player. At the beginning the strategy lies in catching small fishes and making bait for larger species out of them, but as you move on and start using some bizarre stuff like a rocket or a night hat, outsmarting fishes can get tough.

Rebeca, web-designer, student, 20 y.o.

I usually evaluate the games based on their graphics, and when I played Cat Goes Fishing for the first time, it was a true revelation. I really love that minimalist design, and I think it makes the game more unique and comforting. It's a great way to spend the evenings after school or work. I always recommend this game to friends and acquaintances. It just never gets old!

Dalton, writer, gamer, 32 y.o.

I have a lot of things going on at work and always wanted to learn to calm the mind after. I even meditated, two or three times. Cat Goes Fishing is my truest meditation. It brings calm, helps me to relieve stress, and makes me reflect on profound philosophical questions. When I come home, my cat Ginger meets me, and together we start playing the game. Ginger was never a fisher cat, but she can still give me some advice on how to meow and which hat suits the cat better. I’ve played it almost a dozen times already and hopefully will play more when the next package arrives.

Join Us

Now you know all about our small team of Cat Goes Fishing fans. If you have questions considering the game or this website, please write to us. By joining our community, you will get all the latest news on the game and its updates, learn some clever hacks and ways to play it on other devices than PC. All the Cat Goes Fishing fans are our friends, and we will be glad to help you in case any problems occur in the course of the game. Let’s enjoy this awesome game together!

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