Cat Goes Fishing For Android

What About Cat Goes Fishing For Android? Many gamers came to know Cat Goes Fishing in its Android version and were disappointed not finding it on Google Play store. At the same time, PC version is thriving with regular new updates and additional content. Let’s find out about the differences between the two and learn why developers from Cat5Games chose Cat Goes Fishing to be a PC-only game.

Mobile or Demo?

Cat Goes Fishing Android version came out in 2014 and the game mechanics haven’t changed since then. However, after Cat Goes Fishing for PC came out at the beginning of 2015, some gamers started to regard it as a Cat Goes Fishing Lite or Demo version. Although the main principles of the game were the same and even graphics and controls didn’t change a bit, the PC content has changed the whole perspective.

Cat Goes Fishing Apk file was of small size and available for free download. No new rods or fishing boats were available for unlocking; fish respawn time was noticeably longer (too long even by mobile game standards), and there were only three quests available instead of fifty on the PC version.

Will Cat Goes Fishing Be Available On Mobile Devices?

Developers’ strategy has changed when they realized that many users switch from mobile to PC version as they grew addicted of the game. Instead of expanding Cat Goes Fishing for Android making it more similar to the paid PC version, Cat5Games chose to focus on smoothing out the already expanded game.

Many users have grown fond of this cute and smart indie game so they would probably welcome the game on other platforms besides PC. Someone even managed to launch the game on Mac, but permanent glitches make the game unbearable on Apple devices.

What to Expect From Cat Goes Fishing

Patches and updates for Cat Goes Fishing appear frequently, and that’s a huge achievement for a small indie team like the one at Cat5Games. The latest version of the game with a set of new fishes, items and quests was launched in 2018 and the creators don’t plan to stop. Prepare your rods!

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