Cat Goes Fishing Gameplay

Cat Goes Fishing has won the hearts of indie game fans and arcade fanciers with its charming looks and assiduous skill-building. Some use it as a tool for meditation while others make their fishing experience more intense by earning money and completing all the quests Cat Goes Fishing has to offer. Both ways are worth your time. And with the gameplay basics we provide, your cat will succeed in smart fishing.

Cat Goes Fishing Guide

Controlling the game is simple, pretty much like fishing itself: throw the bait at the end of your rod into the water, hold it, drag it (preferably with fish). This part is easy as you catch many fishes right from the start. However, the fishes that are easy to catch are inexpensive, and they won’t get you far in the game.

There is a choice of two modes at the start the game: Classic mode is fine if you want to learn the controls and the game mechanics, but we strongly advise you to switch to Realism mode as soon as you feel more confident. The fishes are trickier and have distinct behavioral patterns, and you can open lots of achievements unavailable in Classic mode.

Your fishing success depends heavily on the time of day and weather conditions. Day/night switch is one of the achievements in the game. Day and Night differ in species that come out on the surface: small fishes active during daytime usually are asleep, and you can concentrate on catching the larger ones. There’s also a storm condition with more nighttime species present and a special Stormy fish that cannot be found any other way. Gameday switches to game night (and vice versa) every hour, but with unique items like the Nightfall hat, it will last as long as you want.

Items In The Game

You can spend the money you get for selling fish for lots of useful items in various game shops:

  • The rod shop is unlocked at level 2, and in the course of the game it offers you six rods that differ in strength, depth reaching, and in the number of attachments, you can fix on them.

  • The lure shop is an essential part of Cat Goes Fishing. It unlocks at level 5 and can hugely influence your game strategy. There are only four types of the lure in the lure shop: Bomb and Rocket become available with the opening of the shop, and Lightbulb and Huge Hook are gained when you complete the quests.

  • The tool shop opens up at level 6. You get all the items as one time purchases and only after completing a certain number of quests. There’s a minimap that lets you look around for more fishes and two types of sonars.

  • The boat shop unlocks at level 8, and all the items are available from the start. The boats differ in size and speed, so you can load it with 5 to 8 fishes and travel further.

  • The hats are found randomly throughout the sea, but at level 20 the Hatalog opens up so that you can buy all of them. Each hat has specific characteristics that affect your game strategy.

  • The attachments unlock gradually starting from level 2; there are 18 rod attachment at the moment, each of them has some special qualities that let you be a more effective fisherman (or cat) or catch particular fishes. The attachments are free and can only be gained as you progress in the game.

Types of Fishes

There are fishes of all sizes, colors and cunning degree, but for your convenience, we can mark out three distinct types:

  • Small fish is easy to catch in most of the cases, excluding some rare types like Bombat or Sassy. There are currently 33 types of small fishes in the game. Some of them dwell only in one distinct part of the map, and for catching others, you may have to use some special items that attract them. Small fish is often used as medium bait when you hunt for larger species.

  • Medium fish requires a small bait or higher. Fish of this type is stronger than smaller species so you may need power rod or quick rod in many cases. There are 28 medium fishes in the game. They also often tend to hide at the bottom or in the caves. Prices at the fish market change more often here than for small fish. Medium fish can be used as bait for catching larger species.

  • Large fish requires large bait. Prices at the large fish market also change quite often. For catching fishes of this type, you may want to load your boat with professional fisherman equipment including master rod, quick boat and sometimes even bombs.

  • Huge fishes are the toughest in the game and very difficult to fight. There are only 8 of them at the moment. All of them require large bait and most of them also a large hook. You may want to learn the behavior of every huge fish before hunting for it.

Money-Making And Achievements

To make money, you will have to sell the fishes you caught and to take the quests the game offers. There are no hacks of money earning in Cat Goes Fishing, but some species cost very much, so if you focus on them you won’t have to worry about money for luxury items in the course of the game. The most expensive fish is Nightfish Sire, catching it requires a few things: a good boat, a quick rod, a large bait, and a sinker. Another great hack is catching a Queenfish: the Kingfish swarm will follow it wherever you take it.

Completing quests not just grants you with money, it also gives you the achievements. There are currently around 50 quests from basic ones like catching a fish in Realism mode to more complex like catching fish of one type in a row. By completing them, you can get four achievements alongside with the rank of Casual Quester, Core Quester, Hardcore Quester, and Master Quester. As you acquire higher levels the number of quests, you can have at once increases. Some items like Ball Cap and Quester’s Beret also provide you with more quests to complete. Item achievements unlock as you gain new levels. There are also some special achievements that don’t help you in the course of the game but will diversify your fishing experience.

Tips And Hacks From Professional Fishercats

  • Try to save up a little bit of money at the start to buy a boat right after the boat shop unlocks. The new boat will boost up your fishing and enlarge your map.

  • Don’t go for the small fish. It’s easy to catch even when you’re a newbie, but further on it’ll only block the way to professional fish catching.

  • Bait Guard is another excellent option you will want to buy as soon as possible. It will protect your catch from small fish scavengers. You will have to deal with larger fishes on your own though.

  • Fish prices grow as you get far from the shore and deeper into the water, so alongside with expensive boat, buy a Great Rod.

  • Never ignore quests! Apart from the money, you can get lower prices for items, and a set of fun and often useful achievements.

  • Hats are precious. They can boost up your game by making you quicker and smarter, increase fish prices and attracting rare fishes. And what’s more important they’re free. Look out for them just as thoroughly as you look for the fish!

The Most Important Tip Is to Have Fun

There said to be ways of installing Cheat Engine and gain everything effortlessly, but, in our humble opinion, you don’t need to spoil your fishing game this way. Besides, the engine is not a part of official game uploads so that it may cause bugs and glitches. Don’t seek after money achievements! Relax and try to have fun while improving your cat’s fishing skills.

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