Cat Goes Fishing On Mac and Linux

How To Play Cat Goes Fishing On Mac and Linux? Not so long ago Cat Goes Fishing became a PC-only game — a disappointment for both mobile gamers and Apple/Linux geeks. Developers from Cat5Games have plans on patching and updating PC version. They claim that it’s too early to think of launching a full-scale Mac or Linux versions due to numerous performance issues and crash-bugs. But don’t get upset yet! If you’re eager to play Cat Goes Fishing on other platforms, here’s what you do. 

How to download and install Cat Goes Fishing for MAC / Linux

To play the game on Mac or Linux, you need to install the Virtual Box which is an app that lets you work (or play) with Windows 10 on any other operating system. The app versions for all systems are free and easily downloadable from, and you don’t have to reboot your computer every time you want to switch between Mac and Windows desktops. Don’t forget to maximize the graphics memory to get the smoothest Cat Goes Fishing experience.

Here’s a step by step instruction for launching Cat Goes Fishing on your non-Windows system:

  • First of all, find a Windows 10 iso file and save it on your computer. It’s absolutely free and legal to download it from official Microsoft store;

  • In order to download VirtualBox app, go to and find the version OS X hosts or Linux Distributions depending on the operating system you have installed;

  • After the download, open up your installation file and follow the instructions, they will guide you through the whole installation process;

  • Open up the Virtual Box app, and click on New in the top left to create a virtual machine with Windows operating system;

  • Choose the system type and its version, then choose how many bites of RAM you are ready to give away to your second operating system, if you only need to play simple games like Cat Goes Fishing, don’t go over 4Gb. Same goes for the size of your Windows 10: don’t go over 15 Gb if you need it only for its basic functions;

  • After you’ve set all the preferences the way they suit you (thorough instruction on all the additional settings can be found on YouTube), click Start at the top left of your Virtual Box window;

  • Windows installation will start soon, you just have to follow the instructions of the Installation guide. You don’t need to enter the key code when asked to, just choose ‘I don’t have the key code’ and click Next;

  • After Windows 10 installation, your system will reboot and you will be able to work and play in individual Windows window on your Mac OS or Linux.

Let Your Cat Go Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing is a wonderful game so don’t let the unsuitable operational system to come between you and your gaming. With virtual machine Windows, a significant number of Steam games is available for you to play. Don’t miss your chance!



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