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As we told you before, we’re a team of number one Cat Goes Fishing fans. And how do you distinguish a true fan from the rest of the gamers? Yes, by the attributes of the game in their paraphernalia. As long as you play cat goes fishing, everything seems to be alright, but when a day goes by without your favorite indie adventure, it would be nice to have something to remind you of it. Say, a cup or a notebook with your favorite fisher cat on the serene shore. We have lots of pleasant small Cat Goes Fishing souvenirs for days like that:


Our team offers professionally designed items from the tiniest pins to extra large T-shirts and hoodies. Some of them are available for ordering right now, and others are waiting for you to develop their design. We’ve already made Cat Goes Fishing fans happy with our exclusive Cat Goes Fishing cups, T-shirts, hoodies, bags, notebooks, pins, and phone/tablet cases. Those are the main items we work with, but we are opened to your ideas. Anything can become the surface for prints of your favorite Ying & Yang couple or majestic Gupper. Your imagination is limitless, so please share your thoughts with us.
To order an item with customized Cat Goes Fishing design, write to us and tell what you like among the items we offer or share your ideas on the design and surface you want to choose. Based on our preliminary discussion we will estimate the terms of your order and set the cost. You will have to make a 15% prepayment so that we can get to work on your Cat Goes Fishing merch. We’ll keep in touch to make sure all the layouts are approved by you so that the final design wouldn’t be a disappointment.
You fell in love with the minimalistic and cute design of Cat Goes Fishing the moment you launched the game? Put a picture of the cat on the shore on the notebook or diary you write in to carry it to work and school. You can share your ideas on the game and the fascinating fish world in it! If you like to take long walks, take a Cat Goes Fishing bag with you! And enjoy your cute Cat Goes Fishing phone case every time you get a phone call. We have several models of male and female bags of all sizes. Even your fishing rod fits into some of them! Prefer staying at home in front of your PC screen? Buy a Cat Goes Fishing exclusive cup to make your coffee breaks more fun. You can choose from the set of images from the game offered by us or select your design. With a hundred fishes in the game, the choice isn’t easy.
Here is the list of prices for our exclusive Cat Goes Fishing products, that you can buy separately:

  • Cat Goes Fishing hoodie only for $39.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing T-shirt only for $25.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing bag only for $15.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing tablet case only for $14.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing phone case only for 12.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing cup only for $10.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing notebook only for $7.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing pin only for $3.99.
  • Cat Goes Fishing item idea - let’s discuss the price via email.


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